Current Beauty Loves

While I am nowhere near being a youtube makeup guru, I have loved learning how to ‘paint my face’ since I was 12. I used to watch tutorials for hours after school & save up for new lipsticks (lip colours & mascara were the only things I was allowed to wear until I was 14!). These days I still delight in watching myself go from a barefaced zombie in the morning to the semi-put together person I like to attempt to be. Sometimes makeup is a chance for me to create a different style when I don’t feel like investing in a new wardrobe, though admittedly I never go anywhere without my standard winged eye & some highlight. Putting on a smokey eye or a vampy red lip for a night out can make me feel like a new woman.

As much as I’d love to go to Sephora & try every new collection to grace their stores, that simply isn’t affordable. So, I thought I’d share the mainstays of every look I’ve been wearing for the past few months.

For a natural, everyday, but noticeable highlight, I have been loving Stila’s ‘Kitten’ highlighter. My germaphobe self doesn’t love that you can’t really put it on with a brush or applicator so you have to use your fingers, but it leaves the prettiest shimmer that you can only see when the light hits it. I also put a little on the tip of my nose after I contour to give it that ski-slope shape we all wish we had naturally. If you’re looking for a more obvious glow, though, I would recommend one of the Kylie Cosmetics ones or the Marc Jacobs shimmer stick that doubles as eyeshadow. It looks like liquid gold.

The Becca Complexion Crème is a really heavy duty primer, which I love. I’ve used a lot of primers over the years that have really just felt & acted like moisturizer, which doesn’t work for my difficult combination skin. For the best effect, I put on my Clinique oil-free moisturizer 15 minutes before this primer so it has time to sink in & for the surface to dry. This ensures that the primer creates a wonderfully flawless & smoothing look without making the base for my makeup too dry for it to apply properly.

Last but certainly not least is the key component to every face I create, day & night: my Urban Decay basics palette. First of all, how gorgeous is this packaging?! But what’s inside is the real sell: 12 pigmented & practical shades that work for a diverse range of looks. Palettes are my guilty pleasure but since I’ve purchased this one I find it hard to justify spending money on anything new. I guess that’s the sign of a great product… but my heart wants to blow all of my money on the new Fenty collection. Sigh. Maybe Santa will bring me something exciting like that (*hint* *hint* that means you Jamie – you’re Santa here).

Thanks for reading & comment any product recommendations below so I can justify going makeup shopping again!!!

Lots of love,


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