Finishing (?) Touches

I am a compulsive decorator. & I am an obsessively particular decorator. The moment I moved into my dorm room at the start of first-year University I began developing a vision for the first space I ever had complete artistic license over (you know, minus the stained white brick walls & grey tile that the residence came with). With a student budget I practically skipped to Dollarama & collected everything I knew I could DIY into decorations for a cozy/cute feel. School parties took their toll on that room, & I must say it is a very different experience getting creative with my apartment these days.

Since Jamielyn is the world’s biggest sweetheart she recently took me for a big shopping trip at one of my favourite reasonably priced home stores: HomeSense. We already had all of our basics (a big comfy bed, a kitchen table, a nice, modern but not too modern couch, a bookshelf) & a colour scheme – grey, white, & a little black with teal accents. I can’t really do much of anything spontaneously so I’d be lying if I said I suddenly got a wave of inspiration when I walked into the store, but Jamie & I did end up adding some touches to our little bachelor that I didn’t entirely anticipate, like this almost-edgy painting:

I knew that I wanted to work with the already existing colour scheme & add touches of silver & gold for a girly glitz (shoutout to my girlfriend once again for letting me veto hanging her skateboarding art, however cool it might be).

We did compromise by combining my colour scheme with our mutual love of all things travel. Jamie is quite the explorer & is always encouraging me to stop going places without having any clue where we are in the world, & this globe seemed like a great addition to our little place:

What I think I’m most excited about, though, is my work-in-progress of a mini bar cart. It is nowhere near stocked or designed entirely as I’d like it to be but Jamie already found some lovely mini bottles of mix, an adorable pineapple shaker (the pineapple theme was an unexpected addition you’ll see next), & some pretty glasses to get me started with. I’m not a frequent drinker so I’ll likely only pick up some vodka, tequila & wine to display when we have guests over next, but I’m still at a bit of a loss as to what to put in the middle & bottom compartments. Comment any suggestions please!

We also went into our decorating mission with Christmas in mind, so of course we had to buy a wreath, a snow globe, some stockings, a mini tree, a little crystal elk, & an itty bitty festive ‘cheers’ sign:

On the agenda for our next trip: some more wall art, decorative pillows for our bed, the least unattractive scratching post we can find for Leila, & whatever is gonna fill up that bar cart. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever really be done adding to our little home. I sure hope not, because then how am I going to excuse my addiction to design blogs & magazines & find reasons to drool at my local Pottery Barn?!

Everything focused on in the pictures is from Homesense, but if you’d like to know where anything else is from leave a comment!

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