Winter Wishlist

Hi readers!

Thank you for your enthusiastic responses to my last few posts. It’s been really rewarding to see more & more likes on my content, especially since a lot of it has been pretty personal lately! Since I’ve been focusing mostly on goals, mental health & personal growth recently, I thought it’d be nice to break it up with a more relaxed post.

I’m also on vacation in the Caribbean without a working laptop (…which was not planned…) so I’m going to save my Christmas Haul & most of the trip pics for when I’m back in the city & can upload & edit my own content.

So, here’s a quick wishlist for the rest of winter. These are things I’ve had pinned or saved on my phone for a few weeks now & am trying to figure out how to save up for before winter turns to spring.

Nude nails are simple & yet make a clean statement during the winter months.

My throw pillows are currently teal, grey & oatmeal. I brought them from another apartment where teal was a more prominent colour, but now they look out of place. I think textured statement blush pillows would go super nicely with the rest of the apartment’s theme.

I’ve had the same running shoes since grade 10. I’m in my third year of college now, & I go to the gym almost every other day! I’m hoping to find a pair like these since my Nikes are tried & true, & I only wear black & grey to the gym.

My friend Britt just so happens to be a hairstylist, which works out perfectly considering I’ve wanted to re-ombré my hair for months!

A faux-fur, cozy jacket would be great for the awkward time in Canada between winter & spring, where it’s too cold for a jean jacket & too hot for your parka.

Going on vacation made me realize that as I’ve aged & my body’s changed, I’ve entirely grown out of all my old bikinis. This cute one from Asos looks comfy & matches my almost entirely black wardrobe!

Last but not least, everyone’s seen the roses that last for a year online. The American version is called One Million Roses, but the Canadian imitation is equally lovely. Maybe for Valentine’s day (*hint hint* Jamie!!)

That’s everything (I say as though that doesn’t all far exceed my budget) I’m hoping to invest in this winter. Only time will tell if I can afford half of it.

Thanks for reading.

Love you lots,


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