What’s In My Purse

After about a year of carrying a tiny Marc Jacobs cross body bag & never having what I need on me during the day, I finally transitioned back to my trusted, rather large Jcrew purse. As it turns out though, the bigger the purse the bigger the mess inside can be. & the bigger the mess inside the more likely it is that I won’t be able to find what I need promptly.

So, a week ago, I revamped what I carry in my purse & bought a few extra necessities. Now my bag is almost never full or heavy but I always have the essentials. Here’s a look at how I’ve organized my purse – maybe the perfect formula I’ve found for an organized bag (which for me is an organized life) will work for you too!

1. Keys, with a furry keychain. Have you ever spent 20 minutes freaking out at your front door, rummaging through your bag to find that tiny set of keys you can never seem to place? A textured, large keychain is the solution.

2. Sunglasses, because being in a sunny car even during the winter can be blinding. Next step towards total organization will be buying another sunglasses case for these ones.

3. Hand sanitizer, so you’re never caught stuck with dirty hands if you touch something less than clean. I know it’s not fall anymore but I love the Bath & Body works Pumpkin Spice Latte one. I don’t even drink those, but it’s just such a warm scent.

4. Mint gum, because I drink coffee & I don’t want everyone to smell that. All the time.

5. Deodorant. On a typical day my morning application of deodorant lasts me until I get home from whatever I’ve been out doing, but should a stressful situation arise or if I suddenly find myself in a hot room, there’s nothing worse than being caught without an extra one available.

6. A pen, because somehow I always end up needing one. You never know when you’ll have to sign some forms at the doctor’s office or something along those lines.

7. Tampons, because I don’t know about you but my period is horribly unpredictable. Better to be safe than sorry.

8. Hand cream, because I’m a compulsive hand washer, which makes for dry hands. & if you wind up using the aforementioned sanitizer it’s perfect for after.

9. Notebook, because I keep my daily to-do lists in it & if I don’t have it I’ll never remember my plans. I used to keep my Erin Condren planner with me but it’s quite heavy, so this is the next best thing.

(Ignore the part that says boob piercing. It’s a long story.)

10. Concealer, for those times when a pimple spontaneously makes its debut.

11. A charger & a block, because I have had my phone die when it’s been absolutely crucial & had to go buy one that’ll last me a day from a nearby convenience store far too many times.

12. Lip chap, specifically the Fresh Rose Lip Balm. My lips are always dry during the winter & it can be really uncomfortable, & this one is super moisturizing. My favourite feature of it though is the slight rose-y tint it has, so when your lipstick’s worn off it makes you look much more put together.

13. What about your wallet, you say? This is the best thing since sliced bread, as my grandma used to say. I saw this rose gold phone case/wallet on Amazon & I was instantly sold.

There’s a ton of space for cards & even a slot for cash. All of my “Where’s my phone?!” & “Where’s my wallet?!” anxiety is solved. I’m on my phone all the time so I always know where my wallet is now! The best part: if I go to a bar with friends one night I can just carry my phone as a clutch. Highly recommend.

Additional recommendations:

If I haven’t already sprayed myself with one of my full size perfumes (because I hate mixing them during the day), I carry a roller ball of the Elizabeth & James scent Nirvana.

& because Jamie had a phase of spilling drinks on her clothes pretty much daily I carried a Tide to Go pen until a week ago when we actually finished it. Who manages to finish one of those?!

If you’re wearing uncomfortable boots or heels some bandaids are always a great idea in case of blisters.

Those are all my purse organization ideas. I hope you enjoyed them, & I think any purse-loving woman will agree that an organized purse is a happy, less anxiety-riddled life.

Thanks for reading & lots of love,


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