Spring Brings Change

Hi lovely readers,

For the first time in a long time I bust out my camera today and took some pictures around my apartment to document some of the subtle changes I’m making for spring. I love this time of year (in spite of the fact that it’s STILL snowing here) because it brings about a feeling of being refreshed and opportunities to start over again. Anything that encourages positive change is great in my books.


I bought this candle from Indigo bookstore and the price tag shocked me – $40. But as I’ve been burning it I’ve realized it takes ages to go through the wax and the subtle smell is a lot more pleasant than some of the really potent Bath & Body Works candles. The lychee scent that really reminds me of lillies smells like spring to me.


I’ve been eyeing crystals at homegoods stores for a while. Most of the home design instagrams that I follow have been including them in their posts, too. I’m not sure I’m convinced that they have any ‘magical healing properties’ as some people seem to believe, but I certainly do like what they do for my apartment’s aesthetic.


What’s better than flowers in spring? Someone buying you flowers in spring! Someone I’ve been seeing bought these for me and they’ve been making my kitchen area look so ready for spring.


The last home decor picture I’m going to include is of this succulent. Spring makes me crave all things living and green, and this little guy makes my kitchen seem so refreshed.


I’ve been using the Bunny Moon mask from Lush for about a month and it’s amazing for sensitive skin. I’ve also been super into taking baths now that it’s not freezing cold when I get out of them. Lush is a great, entirely natural company that doesn’t test on animals and I’m starting to go to them for basically all of my products.


I wore the same pair of Nike Free’s for years, but since I’ve been going to the gym so much more recently, I realized it was time to invest in some new runners for spring. These are so breathable and lightweight – perfect for cardio and they seem to work for weightlifting too.


I don’t know if it’s the seasonal depression getting in the way but I often forget some of my favourite parts of my self-care routines in the winter. As spring approaches I’ve been getting back into my favourite scents and trying some new ones. My lovely mom bought me Clinique Happy recently, which was one of my favourite scents in middle school. It still smells amazing!


Lastly, I’ve been trying to get into yoga again this spring. I’ve had terrible anxiety recently, and practicing my breathing and getting a good stretch in during the day has really improved my mood. I particularly like this 20 minute routine for energy – it’s the first one that comes up when you search “20 minute yoga” on youtube.

That’s all for my little photographic journey into a fresh start for spring. Thank you for reading, as always, and I hope your start to spring is equally refreshing!

Lots of love,


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