Skincare Routine for Fall 2018

Hi lovely readers!

It’s finally officially fall, which means the weather changes are wreaking havoc on my skin. The mixture of colder days (which dry out my cheeks) and the hotter days (which make my T-zone oily and cause breakouts) has meant I’ve needed to create a more intensive skincare routine. If you have combination skin, I think these products will be helpful for keeping your face balanced.

Step 1: Remove your makeup


To take off my makeup at the end of the day, I’ve been using the Sephora brand coconut water wipes. They’re gentle and don’t cause any stinging around your eyes, but effective enough to work in just a few swipes. They don’t seem to make my skin any oiler and they definitely don’t dry it out, either.

Step 2: Cleansing



Because there’s usually some remaining dirt and makeup on my skin after I use the wipes, I cleanse my face twice. First I use First Aid Beauty’s antioxidant boosting cleanser, then I go over my face and neck again with Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate cleanser. To apply both I use my Foreo, which is a the little circular pink machine pictured. It has fibres on the other side that vibrate and give you a deeper wash.

Step 3: Masks



If I have time, most mornings I apply a mask and leave it on while I make my coffee and breakfast. The first two pictured are from Lush – I use the Cup ‘O Coffee mask about once a week because it’s very exfoliating when you wash it off, and I use the Mask of Magnaminty about twice a week when my skin is behaving relatively normally. The last mask I’ve been using is the Vichy clay mask, which I reserve for days when I’m breaking out.

I don’t actually use a moisturizer because I find I break out immediately after I apply it, so I’ve switched to a more hydrating primer and foundation to ensure my skin doesn’t look flaky during the day. Occasionally I use a facial mist from Evian to boost hydration as well.

That concludes what’s been working for my skin lately! You can find all of these products at Sephora, with the exception of the Vichy mask which can either be ordered online or found at a Shopper’s Drug Mart (which I realize is a purely Canadian thing – sorry American readers).

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a lovely week.



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