Little Fall Joys

Hi lovely readers,

fall is here and the weather is making me very happy. I love getting to bust out my booties and cozy sweaters and spend my nights cuddled up with some lit candles and a good scary movie. I thought I’d share some little things I’m enjoying this month.

Tea is a fall essential for me, especially because I often get a sore throat or a cold when the seasons change. My favourite on is called ‘Forever Nuts’ and it’s from David’s tea. So soothing.


I’ve been loving this five minute journal my friend bought from me. It makes sure I have a grateful attitude throughout the day and reminds me what I could change to make my days even better.


I always have to include a makeup favourite or two. I’ve been loving the rich pink and burgundy shades from the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette for fall. I’ve also been loving the Tarte pallet pictured on the left – the two highlights on the top right are so opaque and bright.


Who doesn’t love candles in fall? This one is called Crackling Firewood and it smells, well, like a fireplace! I love the cozy ambiance it provides.


I have pumpkins all over my apartment in the spirit of halloween, but sunflowers are the perfect fall plant for me. And they make any room look so cheerful!


And, well, this is a favourite every month, all the time, 24/7, but cat cuddles are the best. Leila is the most amazing company I could ask for in my apartment.

Those are just a few little things I’ve been loving this October 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Lots of love,


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