Starting Fresh

Dear lovely readers,

Sometimes we lose our direction. Sometimes we fall out of touch with what we really aspire to and care about. Sometimes we lose touch with our empathy, including compassion for ourselves. Sometimes things feel hopeless.

This is how I’ve felt for the last month or so. I started making choices I didn’t morally agree with, distancing myself from the healthy people I love to have in my life, and disappointed myself in many ways. I wound up in a very sick place and struggling daily. Now I’m starting to climb out of it, gradually, but persistently, and here’s how I’m trying to do so.

Starting fresh can mean scrapping everything or just adjusting a few things. For me it includes evaluating who I want in my life, how I take care of my body, my routine, my goals for the coming month, and who I want to see myself as and how I want to represent myself on social media and just in general.

new beginnings

My goals for November include:

  1. Not putting anything toxic in my body.
  2. 8 hours of sleep every night.
  3. Doing my makeup and hair everyday and really considering my outfit and presentation so that I have confidence when I go out.
  4. Sticking to a new nightly self-care routine (I’ll post an update of this soon).
  5. Finishing my homework on time.
  6. Seeing friends twice a week.
  7. Eliminating unhealthy people.
  8. Keeping my space tidy – consistently.
  9. Hosting some kind of gathering once a month.
  10. Eating breakfast every morning.
  11. Aiming for less procrastination.
  12. Continuing to not smoke and vaping less.
  13. Working on musical covers for personal enjoyment and youtube.
  14. Posting once a week on this blog again.
  15. Sharing a kind thought or expression of care with a friend everyday so that they know I’m there for them and willing to be present.
  16. Saving money but allowing myself one carefully considered routine purchase.
  17. Making one new playlist a month.
  18. Updating my social media with things I genuinely feel express myself adequately and honestly.

That’s what I’m starting with, but I’m sure there’ll be additions and updates. Making a list of goals was the first moment I felt motivated again and purposeful after a long period of sitting in sadness and confusion. It’s okay to get off track sometimes: we all do. It’s what we do after that counts.

Much love and thanks for reading,


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