New Nighttime Routine

Hi lovely readers,

I’ve noticed that my nights feel kind of unstructured and tend to lead to feelings of anxiety or sadness. So, I’ve made it a goal to plan out what I do before bed based on things that I already do that work for me, and things I’ve learned help others that I want to try.

Before I try to settle down for bed, I want to make sure my room is set up to be a cozy, relaxing haven. I clean my room in the morning or early afternoon typically, but at night I want to try to remember to turn on the bedside light instead of the overhead, put my favourite blanket nicely on the bed, make sure there aren’t any clothes out, and turn on my oil diffuser. I’m going to try to keep school work and anything else that’s somewhat stressful off of my bed, even though I work there when I’m feeling lazy (which I know is a bad habit for anyone!).

Once my room is ready, I’m going to choose a pair of my favourite sleep sets (I like silky long pajama shirts) and lay it out on the edge of my bed. I already do this most nights, but I’m then going to move to the washroom, switch on the dimmer light & start running a bath. If I’m not out of them, I always pick a nicely scented bath bomb and I’m trying not to run the water so hot it scalds me anymore. Apparently that’s not so great for your skin, or at least that’s what my mom says and my red skin agrees. I like to turn on my calming “bath” playlist and use my speaker, and after washing my face and body I try to just mindfully appreciate how nice the water feels and calm myself down before I try to sleep.

My nighttime skin care routine is different from my morning and I’ll make a separate post with the specifics in the near future, but essentially I use a gentle cleansing wash on my face after I use oil to take my eye makeup off, then I follow that with my rose toner, an eye cream and finally a serum that’s for preventing breakouts and keeping skin firm.

I’m not sure which I’m going to do first, so I’ll figure it out by trying starting with both different nights, but I know I want to start doing nightly meditations using the Calm app. The one pictured above is what I’ve already started, but there are other meditations to meet different needs, like relief from anxiety and self-esteem building. Then I’ve learned that if I read, I get tired a lot more quickly. I’m working on a book called Girl, Wash Your Face and I’ll make a post about it soon – it’s very empowering.

I always keep a big bottle of lemon water beside my bed, and I’ve made it a habit to always remember to take my meds 15 mins before I really settle into bed and close my eyes. I try to read until my eyes seem to want to close.

I’ve been having unpleasant dreams, so I’m going to try to recount the gratitude list I write in the morning and add some things from the day to it so I finish the night on a positive note.

In general I’m going to try to send my good night texts before I’m actually in bed trying to prepare for a good rest, and I’m not going to watch netflix on my laptop until I get so tired I fall asleep with a show still on. It makes my sleep feel much less restful and effective, and I tend to stay up much later when I do that. I plan on starting this routine around 8:30, and I really am someone who needs a lot of sleep to function, so hopefully I’ll at least have the lights out by around 9:30/10.

Nighttime should be the start of your body and mind winding down, and sleep is a lovely thing that we should all get to look forward to! I’m hoping with a set idea of what I need to do, I’ll have more peaceful nights & wakeup feeling healthier and more energetic.

I hope you find some ideas in my routine to implement in your life! If you have any additional tips or things my night is missing, please comment and share.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,


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