Updated Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi lovely readers!

Two posts in one day! Insane, I know. There’s a severe weather warning here in Toronto so I literally can’t leave and do anything, so I figured there was no harm in working on my blog today. I’m going to share my new everyday makeup routine.

I used to do really heavy liner (it’s still heavy, I know), dark purples, the shiniest, brightest highlighter, and dark lips. It was a lot. Since most of the things I do during the day now only require a casual look, I’ve migrated towards a more subtle look, using more pinks and a toned down base.

First, I prime my face with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter primer. It’s light and hydrating, although I don’t find that it smoothes as much as the Smashbox silicone primer, so I may switch back to that.

One that’s set, I go in with a very bright, almost white concealer from Colourpop under my eyes, a liquid Tarte concealer in a darker shade, and on my lids I use the Urban Decay Priming Potion. For foundation I use one by Dior, and though I’ve tried plenty of powders from Sephora, my favourite one and the one I find most mattifying is the True Match from Loreal.

Once my base is complete, I use the Tarteist Pro Glow palette. I go in with the darkest bronzer, and the formula is more like a foundation. I use an angled brush and contour my nose, putting thick strokes either side of my nose and one line just above the tip. Then I use the  lighter bronzer shade on the bottom right to do the edges of my forehead and my cheekbones. Finally I use this blush from Anastasia Beverly Hills and smile to apply it to my cheeks with a fluffy brush.


I have a vast collection of highlighters, and I really didn’t need this one, but I do love it. It’s Becca’s Champagne Pop and it looks golden and a little yellow in the picture, but when you apply it it really does look like… champagne. On your skin. It’s natural but noticeable.

For eyeshadow, I start with this Steve Laurent sparkly bronze/pink loose shadow and use a compact, tight brush to apply it as my shadow base. Then I go in with this Nars Palette and I use the light pink shade on the top right. For my crease I use the pink colour to the right of the beige on the top let of this Tarte palette.

For my inner corner, I use this white stick from Sephora’s brand, and then I go over it with the sparkly white from the Nars palette. I use Anastasia Brow Gel for my brows and to highlight under them and make them look tidier, I use this glow stick I got from my FabFitFun box – unfortunately I’m unsure as to the brand, but honestly I’ve used better sticks so I’m really just trying to finish it.


Whenever I go hunting for a specific item at Sephora, I ask for recommendations from the experts. I asked for a liner that wouldn’t run, and had a very fine tip pen so that I could make precise wings. I also needed it to not dry out quickly like most felt tip liners do. This Kat Von D tattoo liner is phenomenal. I also got the Bad Gal Bang mascara from Benefit as a recommendation from a lovely woman working at Sephora. I asked what would give me the most voluminous, curled, dramatic lashes and she said this one would do the trick. She was right!



Finally, I do my lips. Lately I’ve been using this Huda Beauty lip liner, and then applying a Lancome lip gloss on top of it. They’re both the loveliest, most feminine almost-hot-pink-but-not-ridiculous colours.


And that’s the completed makeup look! Thank you so much for reading and if you have any product recommendations or application tips I would love to read them. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Lots of Love,


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