Spring Daily Routine

Hi lovely readers,

Happy Saturday! I just finished my winter semester of school, so I have a month long break until I resume classes. It was important to me that I figure out a meaningful way to use this free time, so I’ve come up with an everyday routine that incorporates healthy eating, fitness, socializing, organization, and personal growth.

7 am: Wakeup, put on a bathrobe and go downstairs for some coffee and a smoothie.

‘Pina Colada’ Smoothie Recipe: 2 bananas, 1 scoop of collagen peptide powder, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, a cup of frozen mangos, coconut milk

7:30: Shower – shave, use an exfoliating cleanser, wash hair

7:45: Apply a face mask and turn on youtube videos

8 am: Journal – gratitude list, affirmations, rate mood, level of craving, self-esteem and eating habits/cravings, talk about the plan for the day, write a to-do list

8:30: Remove face mask, apply toner, apply eye cream, apply moisturizer, apply leave in conditioner to hair

8:45: Get dressed in workout clothes

9 am: Make a proper breakfast (usually avocado toast, a fried egg on toast, or bananas and peanut butter)

9:30: Go outside for fresh air and listen to some music, or sometimes I walk to a store for a coffee

10 am: Makeup routine and blow dry and curl hair

10:30: Room tidy

Around 11/12: Either Vinyasa yoga, Kickboxing and weights, or the elliptical and some crunches and squats

1 pm: Quick body wash and re-application of deodorant, change into regular clothes


1:30: Eat lunch (usually a tuna melt or a ham sandwich on multigrain bread, or a bowl with rice, chicken, tomato, avocado and some kind of sauce)

2pm: Loving-kindness medication from the Calm app

2:30: Go for a 15 min walk to the subway to meet friends

5pm: Get home from seeing friends, watch some Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

6pm: Cocktail time!

6:30: Start cooking dinner for my family 

7:30: Dinner and a movie 


7pm: Head to a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

8pm: Take a bath with a bath bomb, remove makeup with micellar water and wash face. Apply toner, eye cream and moisturizer again

8:30/9:30: Get into pajamas, read a chapter of You Are A Badass

Around 10 pm: Put on the Calm app and do a full body relaxation sleep meditation, and pass out!

So far this routine is really keeping me on the straight and narrow, and the additions of learning how to cook for my family, and doing yoga, are having a really positive impact on my life. I am finding myself so much happier than I used to be, and my body is gradually changing. I will be in class 3 hours a day in a few weeks, so I’ll post an updated routine then!

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know how your week routines work in the comment below!
Lots of love,



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