Self-Care Must Haves

Hi lovely readers,

Happy Tuesday! And for all my Canadian readers, I hope you had a great long weekend! Today I’m going to be sharing my self-care must haves. Self-care is an essential part of a healthy life and a strong recovery. It’s great to be productive and to work hard, but you also need to make time to decompress and process. Here are some of the items that help me maintain a self-care routine.

  1. My journal. Every morning I make a gratitude list, write affirmations, and then record my mood, level of cravings, self-esteem and eating habits. Then I free-write about anything that’s been going on. Taking that time to process my life and how I’m feeling respects my moods and desires and helps me reflect and feel lighter once I’ve jotted everything down.IMG_0671
  2. Candles and oil diffusers. Scent is a great way to trigger happy feelings and calm yourself. I love to light a candle or turn on my oil diffuser while I’m doing something stressful or while I’m journalling or taking a bath.IMG_0669
  3. Bath products. I’m almost out of epsom salts as you can see, but that’s usually what I put in my bath because they’re scented and non-toxic. Then I light a mini candle and just zone out. The bath is my stress-free place where I can separate myself from everything that’s upsetting me. On a tough day a bath can be my saviour. IMG_0672
  4. Perfume! This is one of the easiest little self-care tricks, since as I mentioned scent can be a real emotional trigger. I use clinique happy to make me feel a little brighter throughout my day.IMG_0675
  5. Vitamins. I take vitamins every morning so that for if some reason I can’t eat everything I need nutritionally, I will still have gotten all the vitamins I need. IMG_0673
  6. Face masks. I don’t necessarily think you need face masks for great skin, but I use them as a method to make myself take a break. If you put a face mask on, there’s no much you can do aside from work on something quietly or just zone out and relax. It forces you to make some ‘me time’. The two pictured are my favourites right now.IMG_0674

Those are all of my self-care must haves! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a day full of self-love, or if that’s difficult right now, of self-acceptance and care.

Lots of love,


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