How I Lost 10 Pounds in a Few Weeks

Hi lovely readers,

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to share my new diet and the foods I’ve taken out of my regular meal plans as well as added. Over the last few weeks I gradually lost 10 pounds. I want to put a disclaimer, though, that I also lost 6 prior to that because I was sick and literally couldn’t eat. That disclaimer is important, because it is very difficult to decrease the amount you’re eating without feeling sluggish and having hunger pains. Because I physically couldn’t eat, making my meals a bit smaller wasn’t as hard. If you’re trying to lose weight, you are going to need a calorie deficit (you’ll need to burn more than you consume), but I recommend making this deficit small and decreasing your calories very gradually as well as relying just as much on exercise as you do smaller meals.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.44.08 AM

My stomach has been very sensitive lately, so I’ve found certain foods don’t sit as well as others. For example, I really can’t eat much red meat – literally more than 3 bites and I feel unwell. It isn’t bad for you to eat red meat (occasionally – typically the recommendation is once every 2 weeks), but it is calorie heavy and you don’t need to eat a lot of it to get the B12 you need. I now only eat meat once a day, and often it’s a piece of salmon or some chicken. I used to be a vegetarian, but for mental health reasons that I mentioned in a post a while ago it wasn’t sustainable. Only eating meat once, usually at dinner, helps me feel good about my impact on the environment, morally comforts me, and seems to really help me not get that bloated heavy feeling too often.

My breakfast is now my biggest meal, which is a huge change for me. I used to eat pretty heavy lunches and dinners and just a smoothie for breakfast. Now I have a smoothie with a whole banana and a variety of frozen fruits, some 2% milk, collagen powder and greek yogurt. Sometimes I add honey if I want some extra sweetness. Then I make 2 eggs, and put them on top of toast with mashed avocado and some pepper. I try to avoid added salt.

avocado toast

Lunch is typically a bit smaller than breakfast but bigger than dinner. I usually have a salad with tuna on it or some deli meat shredded on top, some cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and cucumber with an apple cigar vinegar and avocado oil dressing. This keeps me full until around 5:30, when I have some salted (I just can’t do plain) almonds and usually some cheese because that’s my biggest guilty pleasure. That snack makes it so that I’m not ravenously hungry for dinner and I can keep it on the small side.

Dinner is usually some roasted vegetables or a salad, some kind of carb (rice or potato) and salmon or chicken. I’m also trying to drink water with all my meals instead of pop. Sometimes I have a glass of non-alcoholic wine as well.


Although I try to stick to this meal plan, you should still get to treat yo self!! Yesterday I had a slice of pizza for lunch and it was delicious. When I go out for meals I really do order whatever I genuinely want, because I feel that it’s a special occasion and I don’t want to waste it, and I typically just don’t finish my entire plate (I take the rest home to have another day). I used to struggle with an eating disorder, so I really try to never super consciously restrict. My goal is to be healthy and slim and athletic, not to be super thin like I used to want. A well-fed body means a happy brain, in my opinion.

I also make sure to swim for a little bit or go for a speed walk/jog every day to get moving and take care of my body. My meals are small enough that I’m not really working out to burn calories, just to tone and be healthy.

Thank you guys for stopping by to read, and let me know if you have any healthy meals you love to prepare or any weight loss advice!

Lots of love,


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