Organized Packing for Short Trips

Hi lovely readers,

Today I’m going to share with you how I pack for 2 overnights at my cottage. I’m leaving to head up north this afternoon, and when I initially packed my bag it was overflowing and wouldn’t close. So, I put more thought into what I needed to pack and contained and folded my items neatly, and wound up having space to spare.

First, I sorted through my makeup. I have quite a bit of makeup because I like to play around with different looks, but when I’m up north I keep it pretty minimal, for the sake of saving space and because I’m just around family.

I packed three face brushes, an angled eye shadow brush, a fluffy eye shadow brush, and one for my inner corner, a liner, mascara, a liquid eye shadow, a sample I have of a primer, another eyeshadow and a mini eyeshadow palette, a small blush, my eyebrow pencil, my powder, two lip products, a foundation that’s almost finished so I can use the rest and throw it out before I travel home, an under eye and a skin concealer in case I run out of the foundation, a highlighting palette, and my beauty blender. Then I put it into this Shoppers Drug Mart makeup bag – which I got for free! Impressive considering how cute it is.

Then I packed my skin and hair care products.

image8 (1)

I tried to use as many sample sized products as I could, but I’m low on samples at the moment. I also like to do a lot of self-care at the cottage, so I had to pack a face mask. I packed eye cream, moisturizer that’s almost finished, a mini-cleanser, a mini night serum, my pixi glow mist, a conditioner, a shampoo, my makeup removing water, and my dry shampoo. Then I packed it into another makeup bag.

Next I planned out my outfits. I packed 2 pairs of bottoms (leggings and a jean skirt) in addition to the jeans I’m wearing today, and then two light sweaters, two body suits, and a regular tank top. I also packed a baseball cap since it’s supposed to be sunny, and two pairs of socks.

image3 (4)

Next I packed workout wear. I brought two pairs of shorts for going on runs, and two sports bras.

Finally I set aside two pairs of shoes: my Nike runners, and my Michael Kors loafers.

image6 (1)

Then I started actually putting things into the bag. The soles of shoes are usually dirty, so I put those at the bottom of the back so they wouldn’t get anything on my clothes. Then I put my two makeup bags on top.


Having folded my clothes tightly and neatly, i was then able to put them above and around the makeup bags and close the whole thing with ease. I’m also going to carry a large purse in which I’ll put my laptop, charging cables, school notebooks, planner and journal along with some pens.

image1 (8)

And that’s how I packed minimally and in an organized fashion! I hope this was helpful, and if you have anymore packing tips let me know in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by and reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love,


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