Finding Balance: Listening to Your Body & Mind

Hi lovely readers,

I hope you had a wonderful and restful, but productive weekend. Today I’m going to talk about a topic I discuss pretty frequently, but that I have only just had a breakthrough with: self-care. I was in hospital pretty recently, and almost immediately after I was released I tried to spring right back into the same level of productivity and goal-reaching I was maintaining prior to the incident. I found that I physically wasn’t well enough to do so, and instead hated myself and felt disappointment. I was forced to take the next few days to rest, and I resented it at the beginning, but suddenly it dawned on me that perhaps if I had been even more gung-ho about jumping back into my routine I might have done so poorly, and maybe I would have made myself so much more unwell that I would have ended up having to postpone things even further.

But how do you know which kind of situation it is? When do you know if you should be pushing yourself? Because let’s face it, we are all tired most of the time and we all have a lot of off days, but we all also make commitments we probably should keep.

I think there are some good tests. If you contemplate the feeling you will have after completing a task, it is one of accomplishment and a good tired, or will you feel drained and concerned that you may have not done a good job? Does doing the task bring about feelings of pride in your work or does your body feel physically sick at the thought of having to start? If it is the latter, then take some time for self-care and consider your accomplishments to be the little things you have been able to do to be restful and soothed and that will work towards you being able to return to your work refreshed and feeling motivated again and excited to make progress. If it is the former, than perhaps although it is always more enjoyable to sit under a blanket with some netflix and a face mask on, that can be saved for later when your work is done and you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Today I feel quite under the weather, which could be my new medication or the cold that’s going around. My eyes sting, my nose is running and my body aches. Luckily, it’s a sunday, and there’s only two things I really need to do, which are pack my things and get a drive back to my sober house, and have a one-to-one with my primary. I am capable of doing both of those things, but in between them I plan to listen to all the physical signs I am being given and write this one blog post, glance over some notes before the exam I have tomorrow, and otherwise just rest.

Lots of love,


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