May & June Beauty Favorites

Hi lovely readers,

Happy Saturday! Yay, the weekend! Although, seeing as a lot of workplaces aren’t open yet here, you may still be in a state of perma-weekend, like I am, though I do have online summer course work.

The current state of the world is scary, and confusing, and heavy. I think we are all weighed down to some degree by the gravity of the divisiveness of politics in the states, in particular with regard to racially-motivated police brutality and the overall continuous oppression and, to be blunt, violent, public murdering of black men and women by cops and dismissal and deliberate ignorance that we are seeing not only in politicians like Trump and even in our family members, friends, and acquaintances, who we may not have previously known held racist opinions but who are making that very clear on social media. Things are bleak, and shocking to those of us who haven’t had these things at the forefront of our minds, because we are not part of a north american minority that has to live, constantly, in fear and awareness of racism, in the form of daily conversations where people slip in racist microaggressions, in the form of have less access to opportunity, hearing politicians quite openly express racist ideas, watching the justice system treat the same crime differently based on your skin color, feeling frightened for your safety and, potentially, your life, every time you interact with a cop, or raising children with constant reminders of ways in which they could protect themselves from racist police and armed white citizen violence against black children and teens, that are as seemingly meaningless as not dressing, or talking, or standing, or walking in a certain way. If you wonder about the relevance and existence of white privilege, let the fact that you weren’t even thinking about these incredibly dark and prevalent issues, that are part of normalcy in black communities before George Floyd became yet another unarmed black person murdered for no reason aside from his skin color. This isn’t a matter of bringing one bad cop to justice, and you’re not anti-racism because this one incident upsets you – you’re anti-racism if you acknowledge that this happens all the time and it’s because of an exponentially larger issue of institutional and individual widespread racism in the states and here, in Canada, too.

I’m not going to apologize for slipping some white ally advocacy for the Black Lives Matter movement into every post recently and going forward, even the ones about topics as light as makeup and skincare. If you find it agitating or too unsettling or annoying then I’m letting you know now I have years of other posts prior to George Floyd’s death that don’t bring the movement up, because I was also living in blissful ignorance, but my ongoing new posts will always include an effort to do what little I can to educate my fellow white readers, and to make my black readers feel supported and heard. I understand that, as my blog is a mental health blog, primarily, you may be going through a heard time regarding your mental health and might need to care for yourself by creating some distance from the movement, which I completely understand – we cannot help others heal and fight adequately if we ourselves need healing. In which case, I am sorry for being unable at this time to post things that don’t include some heavy subject matter, but if it is helpful, I’m going to put a gap and a hyphen in the middle of it separating the beginnings of my posts where I intend to use my written voice to discuss the movement and it’s necessity, and the middle to end where I’ll be talking about what is mentioned in the title. Or, of course, you can take a break from visiting my blog, and while that makes me sad because I get the most wonderful, informative, kind, interesting comments from a variety of readers and I don’t want to lose any of you guys, I really do get it and will be so happy to have you return when you’re feeling up to it, should you want to decide to.




I’ve found some really great products this month for skin and body care, as well as makeup. And, as a result of COVID and quarantine’s negative impact on the economy and on my financial situation, I’ve been forced to find less expensive products when I’ve run out of my sephora favs. But it’s been wonderful, because I discovered amazing brands and products that are as good and often better than my pricey old favourites, and even when the economic situation improves I’ll be able to save a ton of money on my beauty addiction, haha. And I am delighted to be able to share those dupes with my readers, because who doesn’t want to save some money right now and find something that does wonders for your skin, self-care habits, and your makeup routines.

So let’s jump into it!


From the left:

Make it Last setting spray by Milani
Luxury Baking Powder by Makeup Revolution
Highlighter palette by Makeup Revolution
Side note: all of these products are under $20 🙂

image2 (1)

From the left:
Blush brush by Shaina B. Miami
Full Frontal mascara by Fenty Beauty
Extreme Lash Mascara by Stila
Oil Free Matte CC Cream by it! Cosmetics
Vice Liquid Lipstick in Naked by Urban Decay

image1 (1)

From the left:
72-Hour Moisturizer by Clinique
Eye Roller Collagen Elixer by Pixi
Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse in Light by Isle of Paradise
Vitamin C Serum by La Roche Posay

image0 (1)

From the left:
Purifying Colour Change Mood Mask with Grapefruit Oil by Oh K! (under $10)
Dream Lengths shampoo by L’Oreal (under $5)
Pomegranate Pore Refining Toner by Korres

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my post, lovely reader. I hope you test out some of these awesome products if you’re out of your usual go-to product, and that maybe you find a cost-effective solution for a beauty need! I hope you are well, mentally and physically, and that this post finds you in the best place you can be in, during these hard times.

Lots of love,


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